Insuring your home at Full Replacement Cost Value

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Homeowners insurance is an essential investment to protect your home and everything inside it. However, many homeowners make the mistake of insuring their homes at the purchase price rather than the full replacement value. This mistake can prove to be costly if a disaster strikes, such as a fire, flood, or severe storm. The full…

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Winter Prep Tips


    Winter is almost here, which means harsher than normal weather and cooling temperatures that may threaten to damage your home and drive up out-of-pocket expenses. To prevent that from happening, here are a few winter prep tips to winterize your home. 1. Disconnect any garden hoses. According to the Family Handyman, water trapped inside…

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Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween right around the corner, here are some tips to help you and your family stay safe and out of harm’s way as you trick or treat. While many of these tips are common sense, it’s always good to be reminded—especially when there are excited, sugared-up kids involved! 10 Tips to Keep Your Ghosts…

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